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Direct Pathologist Review

The Imagyst is a very powerful tool that can be used to give us a direct Board Certified Pathologist review of your pet's sampled masses.

The Process Is Simple

When you have concerns about your pet's newly found mass, or a bump that has started to grow and cause concern it is helpful to know that we can have a specialist's interpretation within 1-2 days instead of waiting weeks for results. When you bring your pet in, the technician or Veterinarian will sample the mass with a needle. They will then take those cells and place them on a microscope that is directly connected to a Pathologist. Once the microscope scans the slide, the image is then uploaded to the Pathologist who will interpret the slide and tell the Vet here at 43rd what the samples of the cells are. It gives you the peace of mind you need when you face uncertain conditions with your pet.

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