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Dog Vaccines

Young animals are like children; it’s a never-ending job keeping them safe and happy. Dog vaccinations are the best weapon against many viral and bacterial infections, preventing deadly diseases like canine parvovirus and rabies. Vaccinations are most important while your pet is still a puppy, when their young immune systems are still developing and need protection to stay healthy. Vaccinations are vital to pet health and should be administered to every animal.

A 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital veterinarian will help you with every step of the vaccination process, including:

  • Pet examination and introductory vaccinations
  • Necessary booster shots
  • Vaccine education; puppy vaccination schedules and adult/senior vaccination schedules

At 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital we are proud to offer high quality, AAHA standard, vaccines starting at $26.74! 

Did you know? Due to the high prevalence of Parvo in our area, we recommend that all dogs get their Distemper/Parvo boosters for life?

This short video can help you understand what is considered a core vaccine for your dog!

Keep your family member safe by scheduling their vaccinations today.

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