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Dog Ultrasound

Ultrasounds are a detailed, real time view of your pet's internal organs!

Dr.Darmofal explains what are ultrasounds, why we do them and the information they provide us to better help your pet.

Why would we do an ultrasound?

There are many reasons to do an ultrasound. Much like a physical exam lets us look at the outside surface of the pet, an ultrasound helps us get a visual look at the inside of the abdomen. It can be helpful in cases of liver disease, intestinal disease, kidney disease and the list goes on! For our senior pets, this is one of the helpful tools that we use to help screen for various types of cancers.

What are you looking for in an ultrasound?

During an ultrasound, I evaluate the organs of the abdomen looking for any abnormalities in their physical appearance. In some cases, I'm looking for signs of inflammation, in other cases I am looking for masses, lumps, bumps.

Is a ultrasound painful?

No. The hardest part for most pets is simply having to lay still and on their back with their belly exposed. For this reason, we usually give them a light sedative to help them relax.

Does a Radiologist look at the images?

Yes. An average ultrasound can range from 30-60 images and video clips which are digitally send to the radiologist to view. This review process can take a few days, however it provides valuable information. This route allows your pet access to specialist opinion without having to physically go to the specialty hospital.

If you have questions, or would like to make an appointment for a ultrasound, please call us at (602)843-5452!

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