43rd Avenue Animal Hospital’s spa services help your pet look and feel great. Whether your pet needs routine nail clippings or ear cleanings, or needs help controlling specific parasites, we can help at 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital.

Spa Services At 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital

Regular nail trimmings and ear cleanings encourage good hygiene and help your pets feel more comfortable, too. Plus, regular nail trims keep those sharp nails from hurting you and from damaging the flooring in your home, and ear cleanings prevent painful ear infections.
In addition, we recommend that you bathe your pet at home every four to six weeks to avoid painful matting of the coat, ear infections and parasite infestations. Your 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital veterinarian can recommend the best shampoos and coat treatments for your specific pet at your next appointment or recommend how often you should wash your dog. We have a great blog post about grooming things you should be checking on your dog each month for more tips!

We can also recommend a Groomer your dog too!

Laser therapy and acupuncture are other excellent ways to pamper your pet and help your pet relax. Both laser therapy and acupuncture encourage overall wellness and speed healing for numerous ailments as well.

For more information on our pet spa services, or to schedule your appointment, contact 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital today.