Our Preventative Plans have been very popular with many of our clients. They make it easy to get your growing puppy everything they need to lead a healthy life.

Easy care plans are made to get the preventive care your pet needs, without paying the bill all at once.
By making monthly payments for your pets recommended blood work, core vaccines (Distemper/parvo/Lepto, Bordetella, and Rabies) and for the kitties ( Rabies and FVRCP), and getting them on your favorite choice of heartworm prevention (injection or a combo pill of flea, tick and heartworm pill) you really can't lose!

Our Plans make your exams just a $15.00 co-pay when you need to see a Doctor or nurse, not the customary $75.00.

To add to the value, how can you go wrong with free nail trims on the plan? (As long as the baby lets us; sometimes pedicures are not in the cards for some babies, and that is okay! We can figure it out with some assistance from medications if needed) Oh, and yes, those kitties can get their pedicures too!

Call our office today, and one of our friendly team members can provide more information about our Easy Care Plan.

We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and help you sign up.

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